Website Design for Orland Park IL Companies 

If you're a small or medium sized business in Orland Park, IL and you are not satisfied with your web design company, or your website is costing you more than the revenue it generates, we can help. Throughout the southwest suburbs, clients are turning to Wozniak web design, web marketing and SEO services for one reason: to website sales generation. So it you expect more from your website than what your currently getting, give us a call to see how we can help your local business. Make sure to look at: Who is your Orland Park business competing with, Is your website on the Orland Park Local Business search and Advertising your business - Avoid Big Yellow Books.

Why Orland Park businesses switch website design companies

Eight out of ten website design clients in Orland Park are frustrated with their current website developers and are switching. Is your business one of them? Nearly all of our new website clients in and near the Orland Park area come to us for a least one of the reasons below:

  • I'm not seeing the results from my website I thought I should be.
  • The site design and hosting is costing me more than the sales it generates.
  • My competitor's are outselling me even though I have the better product or service.
  • I really don't understand who is visiting my website, from where, or what clients are looking at.
  • I tried several web developers in the city and all of them over promised and under delivered.
  • My website is just a brochure for my business and really nothing else.
  • I had a very difficult time in making changes or just getting them to call.

Who is your Orland Park company competing with on the web?

When it comes to web design and web marketing, getting your site and therefore your business competitive requires that you first understand who you're competing with. Why spend time and money fixing parts of a website that work well enough? Invest your time and budget on correcting web pages or components that are NOT working. In order to do that, you need to understand where the cards fall. Understanding that you can't correct everything at once, your business show prioritize what will give you the edge at least for other businesses that are located in or compete in the Orland Park area. Below you will find the top website functions you should understand in order to proceed with any website design effort.
  • Effective Home Page - How effective and informative is the home page? Does it engage potential clients or does it give them a reason to hit the back button. Is the context ripe for visitors? Is it W3c compliant? Does it work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple Safari not to mention the iPhone, iPad etc.? How fast does it load?
  • Hi Search Engine Rankings - Where does your website come up when potential customers are searching for or "Googling" a product or service you provide? Where do your competitors come up?
  • Solid Website Navigation - Is the global navigation consistent from page to page? Do major sections have local navigation? Is it consistent? Does the site link to your business partners or complimentary sites?
  • Clear Links and labels - Are labels on section headers and content groupings easy to understand? Are links easy to distinguish from each other? Or are they ambiguous and uninformative ("click here" or "white paper")? Are links spread out in documents, or gathered conveniently in sidebars or other groupings?
  • Professionalism - Does your site reflect the professionalism that you worked so hard to achieve? Does your site's design give your potential clients reasons to trust you...or not trust you? Does your site have compelling content that clients and search engines can leverage to put your company in a better position? Is the site easy to scan, with chunked information, or is it just solid blocks of text?
  • Website Performance - Overall, do pages load slowly or quickly? Are graphics and applications like search and multimedia presentations optimized for easy Web viewing?
  • Compelling Web Content - Does your site have sufficient depth and breadth of content to help clients understand the features and benefits of the products and services you offer? Does the content seem to match the mission of the organization and the needs of the audience? Is the site developing its own content or syndicating other sources? Is there a good mix of material such as case studies, testimonials, articles, white papers or videos?

Is your website on the Orland Park Local Business search?

Getting your Orland Park based company's website listed on the local business directory is truly the low hanging fruit of web marketing in your local area. If most cases, many of your competitors are probably all ready there. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo all have directories that cater to specific local businesses. The only catch: you have a physical presence such as an office space or store front. Search engines correlate the distance from where potential customers are conducting their search to where potential local businesses are located. The bottom line: If a potential Orland Park client is searching for a Orland Park business, your website has an upper edge just because of your proximity. Local companies need to be aware of how these type of searches work and how to leverage them to drive more clients to their website.

It's all about Orland Park's competitive landscape

Small local business are tightening up marketing budgets and shifting money from things that don't work to web marketing that does. They are moving away from Yellow Book and Yellow Pages and into Ad Words and Social Media. Why? When is the last time you looked through the Yellow Pages when you need to find a product or service in or near Orland Park? These days, people are turning to search engines on their desktops, laptops and smart phones and finding what they need fast. If your website doesn't come up during that search, your competitors and not your business will get the phone call. Solid website design and web marketing starts paying divides immediately.

Web advertising for your Orland Park business - Avoid Big Yellow Books

Do you ever get calls from one of the big phone directory book advertisers? They will always try to sell you hundreds of dollars of monthly adds on their own websites and on search sites like Google claiming to drive traffic to your Orland Park business. The problem, they are competing directly with you all the search engines. Meaning, they want to attract the same customers first to their website, so they can display your add along with all of your competitors. The more you pay the higher your add gets placed. Our recommendation, avoid the middleman, avoid the costs, and drive traffic directly from the search engines to your business. Call us for a free consultation and we'll show you how.